So What's Up?

First of all, thanks for stopping by!
Given this website's average visitor count of zero,
that makes you a truly unique person (if you're not a robot).

I'm what the kids are calling a "full stack front-end developer" - able to turn a bunch of
HTML, CSS and Javascript into something useful.
jQuery, TypeScript, Angular, NPM, Bower, and any kind of web API are my coding tools.

I strongly believe taking yourself too seriously is a mistake; that's why besides loving technology and being somewhat serious about making a living out of it, I prefer to use these tools to do goofy artwork that makes you laugh and also maybe perhaps think a little bit.

Things I've Made in 2016

The Road Ahead
My 3rd Album

I love making music but it's non profitable; I know how to code too much to not be part of the blockchain revolution, so I'm giving tunemaking a rest for a bit.


Partnering with the folks at, I've helped them create this multi-platform mobile application.

For those that care about the tech stuff,
it's an Ionic app with Angular.

Check it out at

The Most Amazing Videocast In The Universe - SEASON TWO!

Fun fact: this video series has been considered The Most Amazing Videocast In The Universe largely due to a vote rounding error in an intergalactic blockchain smart contract, but I get to keep the title for another 5.000 years because Earth is very far from the parts of the Universe that really matter so they don't give a shit.

Watch it at your own peril, people have spat their oatmeals because of this.


Medium Articles

I like to write; I'm opinionated while trying to be humorous. It's not my intention to offend anyone but that seems to happen sometimes.

Those Digital Nomads

Forget One-World Government,
say hello to Many-Worlds Governance

Basic Income as contender to utilize
Blockchain Identity systems


Know me in 3...

Wanna get to know me quickly in an easy-to-read fashion? Here are some lists:

3 Favorite Albums

  • Infected Mushroom's
    Legend of The Black Shawarma
  • Deadmau5's
    While (1 < 2)
  • Eminem's
    The Eminem Show


3 Curious Facts

  • Almost died on a waterfall once
  • Got married in Vegas, baby!
  • I've had two emails read on Marc Maron's WTF podcast (episodes 40 and 299)


3 Ways to make me mad

  • Touch my monitor screen
  • Use the word "literally" in a sentence
  • Say something "is hilarious" without laughing

More Music


My first album; some Noob stuff but it's delicious! ;)

Growing Seeds

Second album, from 2015. Lots of growing done with more free time.

DJ Sets

My best DJ set; lots of Dirtybird stuff, a nice chill mix.


I Have a Phone TOO

Get all my music at

I've been making music since september 4th, 2013; that's 760 days!

Follow your highest excitement,
to the best of your ability,
with no expectations of the outcome.