Psychedelic Tech House from Another Dimension

Psychedelic Tech House from another dimension by brazilian music producer Sãnnylux

Somewhat cheap Editing Services, Bitcoins accepted.


Do you need someone to edit your podcast, a video or
to fix your Wordpress website?

I can do it! Just get in touch on my twitter @sannylux or
email me at luciano dot demaria at gmail.

I take Bitcoins. I rather you pay me with that but Paypal is fine too.
For audio podcast editing, it's $30 USD/hour of finished material.
For other services, get in touch; but the overall hourly rate is the same.


These are the podcasts I've edited:

Website wrangling available too!

Wordpress not doing what you want? Need an email capture set up? Wanna work some Javascript magic?
I can do it for you, on an affordable hourly or project-based rate. Get in touch and we'll talk about it!

I have 15+ years working with web development.
I know this stuff. I know it takes a buttload of work. You don't have to do it. Allow me to.

Tweet me @sannylux or email luciano dot demaria at gmail.