Psychedelic Tech House from Another Dimension

Psychedelic Tech House from another dimension by brazilian music producer Sãnnylux

Psychedelic Tech House
From Another Dimension

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15 tracks to take you on a journey through Sãnnyland:



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It was a land within a land...

Before our very eyes there is another realm of magical meaning... the road to the mysterious alleyways of Sãnnyland is long and we must proceed steadily to reach our destination!

Between legends of the Great Old Ones and fantasy realms we follow the dancing rythms; by the bongo drum of the messenger folk of Yl'ac-Yah-Than we shall guide ourselves to a new World, and dance until night becomes day and day becomes night again.

It was a land whithin a land, indeed. Indeed a land of higher deeds, legends to seek and pleasures to dance to. We all join together over dreamscapes and valleys, under the moonlight that turns endlessly into dawn.

Welcome, my friend! Be very welcome.
Join the waves. Listen up: