Psychedelic Tech House from Another Dimension

Psychedelic Tech House from another dimension by brazilian music producer Sãnnylux

Psychedelic Tech House inspired by Infected Mushroom, Deadmau5, ill.Gates and Radioactive Sandwich.

Waves from another dimension

A fun compilation of original Tech House that's gonna take you to Sãnnyland!



The Village Sound - Round n' Round

The coolest band from NY let me remix one of their nicest songs,
Round 'n Round

K!ng Z3us - 21 Pounds

From just the vocals, this remix came out for a context.

Top Plays

Vira Cakes

A Mashup of StereoHeroes and the famous brazilian rock band Mamonas Assassinas; turned out pretty fun! :D

Alchemy Lab - Homunculus Remix

Remixing the amazing Radioactive Sandwich, track Homunculus.