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I'm currently looking for a position as a remote developer, so here's my CV


Personal Details

Name: Luciano de Maria Leal
Born in 1982, married, no kids.
Currently in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Email here, twitter here, more social media information on this website's footer.


Dropped out of 3 colleges: Computer Science, Game Design and Film; all of them between 2002 and 2008.
Mostly self-taught doing the work that needs to be done, building planes as we fly.



For the past year I've been studying blockchain applications, smart contracts and the Ethereum ecosystem; my main goal is to work with those in the near future. I am providing technical advisory for the Plovdiv Incubator.

Mobile application development also interests me very much, I'm open to that kind of work.

Latest Work

Latest freelance project was to build the Cutting Machinery, an Ionic meditation application for FutureThinkers.org.

I'm also working with them coding the necessary smart contracts for the incubator, they will eventually provide the required backend to support the project blockchain-first.
(we'll be using Ethereum on BlockApps).


Previous Experience

2010 - 2015: Senior Web Developer at Gradual Investimentos

I worked at one of the top Brazilian stock brokers coding their web systems - mainly the company's intranet, their website (with a custom CMS), their Home Broker and other custom backend solutions for clients such as Goldman Sacks.

I was responsible for designing the user experience and plugging it to the backend, making sure everything was really high performance because in the stock market, speed is the #1 concern.

The technologies used were mostly the Microsoft stack: .NET with C# on IIS, SQL and Oracle DBs.

2009 - 2010: Senior Web Developer at Resource IT

At one of the largest Brazilian development contractors I worked on two projects for the Carrefour supermarket chain: one was a system for a drawing that was heavily audited because of the high-level prizes (houses, cars) and another to enable the cashiers to sell insurance products.

The first project went really well and was delivered on time, the second one required a lot of integration with third-party systems (at a certain point we had 5 different companies working together) and due to mismanagement ended up being cancelled. I was the only "surviving member" of the original team that started the project so after a while I was the "go-to guy" for people that wanted to know how the project was going, becoming the lead developer in a major integration effort and did my best to carry different teams to the finish line.

The technologies used were also the Microsoft stack, with lots of web services.

2005 - 2009: Source Code Manager at Prodata

Started working at APB Prodata - Brazil's lead provider for public transportation systems - as a web developer then after about a year I volunteered to take care of the company's codebase by installing, configuring, migrating from VSS and maintaining Team Foundation Server to fix a severely disorganised codebase.

Their web systems were all installed on client's servers, and due to bad practices code was being fixed in-loco, creating several different versions of the codebase where bugs where fixed one place and not the other, making clients weary of new updates.

My work organising everything completely changed the company culture, enforcing coding standards, bug reporting, work item tracking with Sharepoint integration, and it made the company able to regain client trust by making sure that bugs and features were implemented and tested throughout the entire codebase and benefited everyone involved. It was one of the most interesting challenges of my career, making me realise how much value standards and practices really bring to a company and make the whole team work more efficiently.

2004 - 2005: Stock Manager at Aldo Shoes, London

I spent a year living in London to improve my english and while I was there started working in the stock room for Aldo shoes but due to my already-good-enough english and team skills I was promoted to stock manager rather quickly, being responsible for deliveries, organising workers shifts and smoothing things out between the stock guys and the sales people.

It was a very interesting year off of IT, and a great experience working with people from so many different countries. At a certain point I counted 26 different countries in a 32 people team.

2002 - 2004: Web designer at Boldcron Technologies

Worked as a web designer for a now-extinct Brazilian web development company, working mostly in Photoshop creating mockups, HTML and CSS to plug into their custom shopping cart system.

Since I started with design first in my career, I can still to this day create a better than average interface for an application, something that coders usually are unable to do and that bosses have complimented a lot, making it a bit cheaper to make nice-looking applications

2000 - 2002: Early days coding

During my early days coding, I started with Visual Basic and 'ye 'ol classic asp. Did some freelance work for projects I wish I could see the source code, because I'm sure it'd be very funny to see now.

Still, learning is important and everybody has to start somewhere :)